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Book Description

Pentateuchal Criticism Today. RTSF Monographs
Publication Year:
Religious and Theological Students Fellowship
Pentateuch, Law, Old Testament, Higher Criticism, Documentary Hypothesis
Copyright Holder:
T. Desmond Alexander

T. Desmond Alexander, Pentateuchal Criticism: A Guidebook for Beginners Today. RTSF Monographs

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Rise of the Documentary Hypothesis
    • The Older Documentary Hypothesis
    • The Fragmentary Hypothesis
    • The Supplementary Hypothesis
    • The New Documentary Hypothesis
    • The Documentary Hypothesis of Graf, Kuenen and Wellhausen
    • Models for explaining the composition of the Pentateuch
    • Distinctive vocabulary
    • The divine names in Genesis
    • Doublets
    • Implications for the history of Israelite religion
    • Conclusion
  3. Going behind the documents
    • Form-criticism
    • Traditio-historical criticism
    • The limitations of traditio-historical criticism illustrated
  4. The Documentary Hypothesis under threat
    • Modifications to the Documentary Hypothesis
    • Alternatives to the Documentary Hypothesis
    • Conclusion
  5. Why was the Pentateuch composed?