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Book Description

New Testament Interpretation: Essays on Principles and Methods
Publication Year:
The Paternoster Press
Copyright Holder:
© Paternoster Press, Reproduced by permission

Table of Contents



  Editor's ForewordView in PDF format pdf 8-9
I Introduction - I. Howard MarshallView in PDF format pdf
  Part I - The Background To Interpretation  
II The History of New Testament Study - F.F. BruceView in PDF format pdf 21-59
III Presuppositions in New Testament Criticism - Graham N. StantonView in PDF format pdf
  Part II - The Use of Critical Methods in Interpretation  
IV Semantics and New Testament Interpretation - Anthony C. ThiseltonView in PDF format pdf 75-104
V Questions of Introduction - Donald GuthrieView in PDF format pdf 105-116
VI The Religious Background - John W. DraneView in PDF format pdf 117-125
VII Historical Criticism - I. Howard MarshallView in PDF format pdf 126-138
VIII Source Criticism - David WenhamView in PDF format pdf 139-152
IX Form Criticism - Stephen H. TravisView in PDF format pdf 153-164
X Tradition History - David R. CatchpoleView in PDF format pdf 165-180
XI Redaction Criticism - Stephen S. SmalleyView in PDF format pdf
  Part III - The Task of Exegesis  
XII How the New Testament Uses the Old - E. Earle EllisView in PDF format pdf 199-219
XIII Approaches To New Testament Exegesis - Ralph P. MartinView in PDF format pdf 220-251
XIV Exegesis in Practice: Two Examples - R.T. FranceView in PDF format pdf
  Part IV - The New Testament and the Modern Reader  
XV Demythologising - The Problem of Myth in the New Testament - James D.G. DunnView in PDF format pdf 285-307
XVI The New Hermeneutic - Anthony C. ThiseltonView in PDF format pdf 308-333
XVII The Authority of the New Testament - Robin NixonView in PDF format pdf 334-350
XVIII Expounding the New Testament - John GoldingayView in PDF format pdf 351-365
  BibliographyView in PDF format pdf 369-388
  Indexes 391-406