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Book Description

New Testament Prophecy.
Publication Year:
Marshall, Morgan & Scott
New Testament, Prophecy
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David Hill [1935-2022], New Testament Prophecy

Table of Contents

  • Abbreviations
  • Preface
  1. Matters of Definition and Background
    1. On Defining the Term 'Christian Prophet'
    2. Prophecy in the Hebrew-Jewish Tradition (Palestinian and Hellenistic)
      1. Old Testament Prophecy
      2. The Intertestamental Literature
      3. Josephus
      4. Philo Judaeus
      5. Rabbinic Teaching
      6. The Qumran Scrolls
      7. John the Baptist
  2. Jesus: 'A Prophet Mighty in Deed and Word'
    1. Jesus acknowledged as Prophet
    2. Prophetic Characteristics in Jesus' Ministry
  3. The Book of Revelation as Christian Prophecy
    1. Revelation: Apocalyptic or Prophetic?
    2. Revelation: The Form and Content of Christian Prophecy
    3. Revelation: Prophet and Community
  4. Prophets and Prophecy in the Acts of the Apostles
  5. Paul, and the Phenomenon of Prophecy in the Church
    1. Is Paul a Prophet?
    2. Paul on Prophecy
  6. Other Books and Traditions Associated with Christian Prophetism
    1. Hebrews
    2. The Fourth Gospel and the Johannine Epistles
    3. The Q Tradition
    4. Matthew's Redaction
    5. Luke's Redaction
  7. Christian Prophets and the Sayings of Jesus
    1. The traditional Evidence for the Creative role of Prophets
    2. A New Case described and appraised
  8. The Decline of Prophecy
  9. Prophecy Today
  • Notes
  • Select Bibliography
  • Index of Passages Discussed