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Book Description

New Testament Essays. Studies in Memory of Thomas Walter Manson 1893-1958, sponsored by Pupils, Colleagues and Friends
Publication Year:
Manchester University Press
New Testament, Gospel of Mark, Gospels, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, Syriac, Jesus Christ, New Testament Chronology, Galatians, 1 Corinthians, Worship, Baptism of John, Qumran, 1, 2 & 3 John, Quella
Copyright Holder:
Individual authors or their estates. All reasonable efforts have been made to contact the copyright holders of these articles without success. If you hold the rights, please contact me.

Angus John Brockhurst Higgins [?], editor, New Testament Essays. Studies in Memory of Thomas Walter Manson 1893-1958, sponsored by Pupils, Colleagues and Friends

Table of Contents

  • Editor's Foreword
  • Thomas Walter Manson, 1893-1958
  • A List of Principal Published Works of T.W. Manson
  • Abbreviations
  1. The Background of Mark 10:45—C.K. Barrett [1917-2011] View in PDF format pdf
  2. The Arrest and Trial of Jesus and the Date of the Last Supper—Matthew Black [1908-1994]View in PDF format pdf
  3. The indebtedness of 2 Peter to 1 Peter—G.H. BoobyerView in PDF format pdf
  4. The term Gospel and its cognates in the Palestinian Syriac—John Wick Bowman [1894-?]View in PDF format pdf
  5. Zur Frage nach den Quellen der Apostelgeschichte—Rudolf Bultmann [1884-1976]View in PDF format pdf
  6. ὁ λογος τοῦ θεοῦ dans l'épître awe Hébreux—H. ClavierView in PDF format pdf
  7. L'apôtre Pierre instrument du diable et instrument de Dieu: la place de Matt. 16:16-19 dans la tradition primitive—Oscar Cullmann [1902-1999]View in PDF format pdf
  8. The primitive catechism and the sayings of Jesus—C.H. Dodd [1884-1973]View in PDF format pdf
  9. Son of Man—Forschung since 'The Teaching of Jesus'—Angus John Brockhurst HigginsView in PDF format pdf
  10. Paarweise Sendung im Neuen Testament—Joachim Jeremias [1900-1979]View in PDF format pdf
  11. Galatians 1:18 ἱστορῆσαι Κηϕᾶν—George Dunbar Kilpatrick [1910-1989] [1910-1989]View in PDF format pdf
  12. Notes on the argument of Romans (chapters 1-8)—W. Manson [1882-1958]
  13. The intention of the evangelists—C.F.D. Moule [1908-2007]View in PDF format pdf
  14. Paulus tanquarn abortivus—J. Munck [1904-1965]View in PDF format pdf
  15. Some reflections on worship in the New Testament—B. Reike [1914-1987]View in PDF format pdf
  16. Sabbat et Jour du Seigneur—Harold Reisenfeld [1913-2008]View in PDF format pdf
  17. The baptism of John and the Qumran sect—H.H. Rowley [1890-1969]View in PDF format pdf
  18. The concept of the church in the gospel and epistles of St. John—Eduard Schweizer [1913-2006]View in PDF format pdf
  19. The original order of Q—Vincent Taylor [1939-1991]View in PDF format pdf
  20. Dominus vobiscum: the background of a liturgical formula—W.C. van UnnikView in PDF format pdf
  21. Didache, kerygma and evangelion—Herbert George Wood [1879-1963]View in PDF format pdf