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Book Description

George Frederick Maclear [1833-1902], The Gospel According to St Mark with Maps, Notes and Introduction. The Smaller Cambridge Bible for Schools.
Publication Year:
Cambridge University Press
Mark, Commentary, New Testament
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

George Frederick Maclear [1833-1902], The Gospel According to St Mark with Maps, Notes and Introduction, revised 1915

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Four Gospels

  1. The Condition of the Jews in the times of Christ
  2. Jewish Sects
  3. Names of Our Lord
  4. Chronological Table
  5. Synopsis of Gospel History
  6. List of the Twelve Apostles
  7. Characrteristics of the Four Gospels
  8. The Miracles and Parables
  9. Order of the Chief Events of the Passion
  10. The Trials of Our Lord
  11. St Peter's Denials
  12. The Day of the Crucifixion
  13. The Seven Words from the Cross
  14. Order of Events on the Day of the Resurrection
  15. Principal; Persons mentioned in the Gospels
  16. Principal Places mentioned in the Gospels
  17. Coinage, Weights and Measures

Introduction to St. Mark's Gospel

  1. Life of St Mark
  2. Composition of the Gospel
  3. Characteristics of the Gospel
  4. The Miracles recorded by St. Mark
  5. The Parables recorded by St. Mark
  6. Analysis of the Gospel

Text and Notes