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Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press, 1982

Table of Contents

1 Incarnational Christology in the New Testament - I. Howard Marshall 1-16.
2 The Worship of Jesus. A Neglected Factor in Christological Debate? - R.T. France 17-36.
3 Some Reflections on New Testament Hymns - Ralph P. MartinView in PDF format pdf 37-49.
4 The Background to the Son of Man Sayings - F.F. BruceView in PDF format pdf 50-70.
5 Is Daniel's 'Son of Man' Messianic'? - Robert D. Rowe 71-96.
6 Christological Ambiguities in the Gospel of Matthew - D.A. CarsonView in PDF format pdf 97-114.
7 Christ's Healing Ministry and His Attitude to the Law - Gordon J. Wenham 115-126.
8 'This Generation Will Not Pass...' A Study of Jesus' Future Expectation in Mark 13 - David Wenham 127-150.
9 The Light and the Stone: A Christological Study in Luke and Isaiah - Geoffrey W. Grogan 151-167.
10 The Spirit of Christ and Christology - M.M.B. Turner 168-190.
11 'One Lord' in Pauline Christology - D.R. de Lacey 191-203.
12 Paul, Wisdom and Christ - John F. Balchin 204-219.
13 Psalm 45:7-8 (6-7) in Old and New Testament Settings - Leslie C. Allen 220-242.
14 Worthy is the Lamb the Hymn in Revelation - David R. Carnegie 243-256.
15 Christology Beyond Chalcedon - A.N.S. Lane 257-281.
16 The Christology of Islam - F.P. Cotterell 282-298.
17 Karl Barth's Christology - Klaas Runia 299-310.
18 The Kerygmatic Christology of Rudolf Bultmann - H.D. McDonald 311-325.
19 Can One Say 'Jesus is God' - Richard L.Sturch 326-340.