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PneumAfrica Journal exists to advance the cause of Christ in Africa through theological reflection on Pentecostal thought and practice. Click here to visit the official website.


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Volume 1 (2013)

1.1 Download complete issue View in PDF format pdf
On-line Resource Jerry Ireland, "Editorial," PneumAfrica 1.1 (2013): i-ii.View in PDF format pdf
On-line Resource John Easter, "Under the Mango Tree: Pentecostal Leadership Training in Africa," PneumAfrica 1.1 (2013): 1-22. View in PDF format pdf
On-line Resource Irving Whitt, "Contextualizing Training for Pentecostal Leaders in Africa: Retrospect and Prospect," PneumAfrica 1.1 (2013): 23-34.View in PDF format pdf
On-line Resource Richard Bogere, "Kampala School of Theology: A Case Study in the Development of a Holistic Training Model," PneumAfrica 1.1 (2013): 35-52.View in PDF format pdf
On-line Resource Jerry Ireland, Ed Smither and Andrew Mkwaila, "Compiled Book Reviews," PneumAfrica 1.1 (2013): 53-61.View in PDF format pdf

Volume 2 (2016)

2.1 Download complete issue View in PDF format pdf
On-line Resource "Editorial," PneumAfrica 2.1 (2016): i-ii.
On-line Resource Emmanuel K. Amoafo, "'An Exegesis of the Israelite Wilderness Journey as a Paradigm of Spiritual Formation For the Ghana Church Today'," PneumAfrica 2.1 (2016): 1-9.
On-line Resource Linda Seiler, "Homosexuality in the Context of Missio Dei: A Response To Today’s Sexual Crisis," PneumAfrica 2.1 (2016): 10-24.
On-line Resource Enson M. Lwesya, "Comparing Apples and Mangoes Towards Evaluating the Aaga Missions Entreprise," PneumAfrica 2.1 (2016): 25-48.
On-line Resource "Ministerial Theological Reflection: Jeff Nelson And Ismael Yusuf," PneumAfrica 2.1 (2016): 49-59.

Volume 3 (2020)

3.1 Download complete issue View in PDF format pdf
On-line Resource "Editorial," PneumAfrica 3.1 (2020): i.
On-line Resource Bernard B. Fyanka, "The Historical Theology of Tax Exemption and the Nigerian Church," PneumAfrica 3.1 (2020): 1 -20.
On-line Resource Aklilu Kuma & Delta Cavner, "Instructional Strategies Impacting Ethiopian Theological Education and Pentecostal Churches," PneumAfrica 3.1 (2020): 21-48.
On-line Resource Jeremy Bone, "Pentecostal Contributions to a Missional Ecclesiology," PneumAfrica 3.1 (2020): 49-63.

Volume 4 (2022)

4.1 Download complete issue View in PDF format pdf
On-line Resource "Editor’s Note: Reflective Practitioners are Still the Goal," PneumAfrica 4.1 (2022): i.
On-line Resource Douglas Lowenberg, "Having Gone, Disciple All Nations: Context, Canon, Commission, and Charisma," PneumAfrica 4.1 (2022): 1-15.
On-line Resource Delta Cavner and Julie Bryant, "Teach For Life Change: How to Plan Lessons that Integrate the Head, Heart, Hands, and Habits of Students," PneumAfrica 4.1 (2022): 16-29.
On-line Resource Phillip Bhunu, "How To Help Faculty Create Deep Learning Experiences for Students," PneumAfrica 4.1 (2022): 30-40.
On-line Resource Leo Kinuthia Kihara, "Improving School Culture to Enhance Staff Productivity and Attainment of Students’ Academic Goals," PneumAfrica 4.1 (2022): 41-54.

Volume 5 (2023)

5.1 Download complete issue View in PDF format pdf
On-line Resource "Chairman’s Note: Renewal for Fruitfulness in Training, Polity, and Ecclesiology," PneumAfrica 5.1 (2023).
On-line Resource Kwasi Amoafo, "Renewing Our Ecclesiology Through Christ - Centered, Gospel Focused Preaching," PneumAfrica 5.1 (2023): 1-10.
On-line Resource Trina Pennington, "Considering Current Realities and Creating a Culture for Intentional Female Leadership Development," PneumAfrica 5.1 (2023): 11-21.
On-line Resource

Gary Flokstra, "Writing, Publishing, Collecting, Disseminating, and Reading as 'FRUIT THAT LASTS,' John 15:16," PneumAfrica 5.1 (2023): 22-

On-line Resource Elonga N. Hilaire, "Anointing the Sick with Oil: Three Theological Trends," PneumAfrica 5.1 (2023): 30-36.
On-line Resource Sawadogo Y. Jephthah, "Renewing our Departmental Training Systems," PneumAfrica 5.1 (2023): 37-45.
On-line Resource Michael Pamfwiri Mkandawire, "The Need for A Contextualized African Missional Ecclesiology: The Case of Malawi Assemblies of God," PneumAfrica 5.1 (2023): 46-56.
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